Audit tool

We have developed an audit and evaluation process that helps you understand the current recycling and waste management set up within your organisation. We look at all relevant inputs.
  • Waste types
  • Locations
  • Size of venue
  • Washrooms
  • Food prep areas
  • Breakroom and vending machines – numbers and types
  • Collections – frequency
  • Workspaces – bins
  • No of staff
  • No hours
  • Cost
This audit provides an output of ‘waste management real estate’, giving you an accurate picture of the resources, areas, work types and time. This will give you a comprehensive audit of your current Recycling and Waste Management Operation.

    Food wastePlasticsMetalPaperCardboardElectricalsFluidsGlassBatteriesMixed recyclingCompostLandfill/General wasteNoneOther
    Dark Grey
    Corridor/walkwayStaff kitchenStaff break roomVending pointsDedicated waste/sluice/recycling areaOtherNone/Not relevant

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